Organiliciouz Fresh Milk

                                                               Organiliciouz milk is ultra pasteurized—a modern flash-heating and cooling technology that keeps milk fresh, safe and nutritious for a longer time than does traditional pasteurization. This delicious milk is available in 1 Liter Package. So, when you choose Organiliciouz, you know it’s not only the freshest, it’s also healthy, good-tasting and premium quality – all produced without growth hormones, antibiotics or pesticides. A cold, creamy glass of Organiliciouz milk is a good choice for your family and the environment. Our milk comes from cows not given growth hormones* or antibiotics, raised on farms that follow sustainable organic practices. Our milk is not homogenized which means that the cream will separate on the top of the bottle. The decision to stay with unhomogenized milk is in keeping with our farm’s natural product philosophy. Homogenization distributes the fat throughout the milk by forcing it through tiny nozzles at high pressure.  The sheer force smashes the large globules to a tenth of their normal size.  There is evidence that these small particles can be easily absorbed into the blood stream instead of through the digestive system, with obvious cardiovascular implications.

We do a lot organically to ensure that the most nutritious and delicious milk is delivered from our farm to your family every day.


Organiliciouz Laban

Organiliciouz Laban contain special strains of probiotics meant to help regulate digestion and strengthen the immune system.

If you suffer from a particular health problem, like bloating or diarrhea, it’s worth trying drinking our to see if it helps!

“The 200ml are our kids favorite lunch box drink”




Organiliciouz Yoghurt

A delightful traditional creamy yoghurt with a layer of cream on top due to the yoghurt being unhomogenised.


In addition of having all the good bacteria, it’s naturally enriched with omega 3 and vitamin D.